Jaime Soza-Parra

Assistant Professor in Transport Analysis and Data Science, Utrecht University
Researcher, Smart PT Lab, TU Delft
Doctor of Engineering Sciences


My "academic-name" is Jaime Soza-Parra, I was born in Chile and did my PhD there as well, at the Transport Engineering and Logistics Department, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. During my second PhD year, I performed a 10 months external research stay in TU Delft Transportation and Planning Department as a visiting PhD student. Since then, I worked as a Postdoc Researcher at CEDEUS first, and later as a Postdoc Researcher at UC Davis. By the end of 2021 I came back to Delft and started working as a Postdoc Researcher at TU Delft and also as a Research fellow at the Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan Solutions. Starting March 2023, I became an Assistant Professor in Transport Analysis and Data Science at the Urban Geography research section of Utrecht University.

My primary research interests encompass the relationship between car dependency, sustainable transportation, and the impact of uncertainty in travel decisions, through the analysis of multiple data sources, from passively collected (e.g. smartcard information) to surveys (e.g. discrete choice stated preference surveys).

I am also concerned about cities increasing growth rate and its sustainability implications. Thus, I see public transportation and active transport as the alternatives the promote. To do so, I think it is also quite important to understand private-car driver's attitudes towards mobility, especially on how to encourage a fairer use of the space.


Mar 1, 2023 :busstop: Starting today, I am becoming the Assistant Professor in Transport Analysis and Data Science, part of the Transport Research team in the Urban Futures program at Utrecht University :mortar_board:
Dec 1, 2021 :busstop: Just (re)joined the Smart PT Lab at TU Delft, now as a Postdoc. Will study car-independent lifestyle :blue_car:

selected publications

  1. The underlying effect of public transport reliability on users’ satisfaction
    Jaime Soza-ParraSebastián RaveauJuan Carlos Muñoz, and 1 more author
    Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 2019